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Portal Steel Structure Buildings
steel structure warehouses, workshops, hangars, exhibition hall, poultry shed, etc
Multi-storey Steel Structure Buildings
office buildings, industrial plants, residential buildings, schools, etc
Grid Steel Structure Buildings
gymnasiums, theaters, exhibition halls, waiting halls, etc.

Project Cases


Steel Structure Office Building

Project name: Steel Structure Office Building
Length: 53m
heiqht: 19.7m
width: 36m
Area: 2988 square meters
Steel amount: 450 ton

Davao Stadium (77183 square meters)

Project name: Steel Structure for Stadium
Length: 332m
heiqht: 35m
width: 296m
Area: 77183 square meters
Steel amount: 8860 ton

Santiago Mall in Panama

Project name: Santiago Mall in Panama
Project address: Panama
Length: 350m
heiqht: 14m
width: 80m
Area: 28000 square meters
Steel amount: 2240 ton

Steel Structure Workshop ( Logistics )

Project name: Steel Structure Workshop
Project address: Algeria
Length: 45m
heiqht: 12m
width: 22.5m
Area: 1013 square meters
Steel amount: 95 ton

Steel Structure Hangar

Project name: Steel Structure Hangar
Project address: Australia
Project Brief Description: Bay spacing: 127m
Length: 24m
heiqht: 9m
width: 20m
Area: 480 square meters(single)
Steel amount: 28.8 ton
Technical scope/Frame type: Portal Steel Frame

Steel Structure Poultry Shed

Project name: Steel Structure Poultry Shed
Project address: New Zealand
Project Brief Description: Bay spacing: 127m
Length: 30m
heiqht: 5m
width: 12m
Area: 360 square meters(single)
Steel amount: 21.6 ton
Technical scope/Frame type: Portal Steel Frame

Steel Structure Warehouse in Uruguay

Project name: Steel Structure Warehouse
Project address: Montevideo,Uruguay
Length: 35m
heiqht: 7m
width: 20m
Area: 700 square meters
Steel amount: 56 ton
Technical scope/Frame type: Portal Steel Frame

Grid Steel Structure Hangar in Somalia

Project name: Steel Structure Hangar
Project address: Somalia
Length: 60m
heiqht: 25m
width: 66m
Area: 3960 square meters
Steel amount: 240 ton
Technical scope/Frame type: Grid Steel Frame

Steel Structure in Malaysia

Project description: PRESS METAL 320TK/Y ELECTROLYTIC ALUMINUM project, is an aluminum powder conveying system;
It includes the design of three pipe belt machine steel structures and three transfer station steel structures.
Project address: Malaysia
Steel amount: 2700 ton
Technical scope/Frame type: Truss Steel Frame

Steel Structure in Indonesia

Project description: Central Java 2*1000MW Coal Fired Power Plant Project.
The steel structure design of the coal handling system of the power plant includes 9 steel structure trestle bridges, 6 steel structure transfer stations, and 1 steel structure coal crusher room.
Project address: Indonesia
Steel amount: 5500 ton
Technical scope/Frame type: Braced Frame

Company Profile

120technical team
30000overall floorage
6overseas branches
500successful cases
Aisteel, as one of the sub-brand of AIMIX Group, is a high-tech, diversified and export-oriented international private enterprise which integrates steel structure R&D, design, production, installation, and construction Services. Our company has 6 production bases of 30000 square meters of production and processing workshops, with an annual total steel structure processing amount of more than 50000 tons. At present, our products have been exported to more than 80 countries and regions around the world, and have formed all-round strategic cooperation with customers in many countries.
Aisteel adheres to the principle of “pragmatic innovation, integrity-based, quality first and service-centered”, and takes serving customers, satisfying customers and designing the most appropriate steel structure scheme for customers as the ultimate goal;
Technical Team
overall floorage
overseas branches
successful cases

Our Service

Customized design service
Steel structure design for all kinds of application
Logistic service
Trucking, customs, shipping, or even door-to-door services.
Quality assurance service
From the selection of raw materials to the production, we strictly guarantee the quality
After-sales service
Communication online in time, engineer guide on-site, installation management, etc.

Global Market Layout

Aisteel custom designs and processes various types of steel structures according to customer needs, such as: workshops, warehouses,hangars, schools, office buildings, shopping centers, large-span sheds, stadiums, equipment supports, etc.Customers – to praise, our main markets are Asia, Africa, Middle East, South America, North America, Europe,Oceania, etc.

Algeria, Nigeria, Kenya, Congo, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Egypt, Ethiopia, Botswana, Congo, Namibia, Rwanda, Malawi, Mauritius, Mozambique,South Africa, Senegal, Seychelles, Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia
United Kingdom, Romania, Ireland, Turkey, Italy, Germany, Russia, France, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Croatia, Malta
UAE, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Bangladesh, South Korea, Pakistan, Jordan, Palestine,Qatar, Kuwait, Maldives, Mongolia, Cyprus, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Iraq, Israel
North America
United States, Canada, Jamaica, Bahamas, Dominica, Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, Panama, Costa Rica, Haiti, Caribbean, Guatemala
South America
Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Paraguay, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia, Guyana, Peru, Suriname, Venezuela
Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Fiji

What The Customer Said

Evan Cannard :
“30m long, 20m wide warehouse type construction for single floor open plan residential internal fit out (~3-5m roof height).Easy to install, Very convenient, save labor and time.”
Steel Structure Warehouse
Shahriar :
“Good performance and strong deformation ability. The self-weight of the building is only one-fifth of the brick-concrete structure, which can resist hurricanes, so that life and property can be effectively protected.I recommend you to choose steel structure buildings from here.”
Steel structure for stadium
Amelia :
“Because we are a large project, steel grid structure installation is more complicated, but the company provides us with good online guidance. Very satisfied, the installation progress is very fast.”
Grid Steel Structure
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